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A deep tissue massage that helps you recover from today and get ready for tomorrow's workout.


  Muscle Recovery   Features a grid pattern texture that stimulates muscle tissue and delivers a powerful deep-massage experience for better relaxation and faster muscle recovery.

 Anti-Slip  Textured surface and premium EVA foam mix provides an anti-slip surface that keeps you balanced and lets you roll effectively.

 Durable  Premium EVA foam is long-lasting and durable to support your weight without wear or indentation. 

 Convenient   Can easily fit in your carry-on or gym bag for on the go stretching and 

Product Specifications


0.9 lbs


17.5 x 6 inches


EVA Foam

Why should YOU use the FlexFoam™?

Foam rollers are a reliable tool to help you recover and heal so that you can be healthy and ready for your next training session. Durable and comfortable, the foam roller will break down scar tissue and deal with muscle soreness so you can go about your day with ease. 

Helps users stretch before and after a workout to ensure safe and swift recovery.

Helps users break down any scar tissue that would otherwise cause discomfort or pain.

 Provides immediate relief to swollen areas.

Increase range of motion, blood flow to targeted areas, and decrease muscle soreness.

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