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AbCarver Pro™
AbCarver Pro™
AbCarver Pro™
AbCarver Pro™

AbCarver Pro™

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Build your perfect beach body and six-pack abs all from the comfort of your own home.


 Stable — Ultra-wide wheel is super stable and distributes your weight over a larger area, helping you to maintain your balance and focus on your training.

 Durable  Stainless steel core and foam construction are extremely durable and work on most surfaces, even carpets!

 Compact — Compact and lightweight design fits in your backpack or gym bag for a portable and convenient training experience.

 Ergonomic — Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable non-slip grip to prevent slippage and help you maintain your balance. 

 No-nonsense  Engages your entire core, giving you the ultimate no-nonsense workout for the quickest and best results.

Why should YOU use the AbCarver Pro™?

Ab rollers have become popularized in the fitness community for their convenience and ability to target the entirety of your core to prevent muscular imbalance. Here are just a few key benefits from ab rolling

Reduce Back Pain   Strengthens the entirety of your core, reducing strain on your lower-back and alleviating back pain. 

Prevent Muscle Imbalance   Activates nearly 20 abdominal muscles, building core strength and reducing muscle imbalance in your core

Improve Posture   Trains your anti-extension, protecting your spine and building your shoulder mobility




Steel & PVC Foam

Wheel Dimensions

9.1 x 13.5 cm | 3.5 x 5.2 in 

Handle Size

12.6 cm | 4.9 in


1.45kg | 3.2lbs

Package Contents

  • AbCarver Pro
  • Knee Mat
  • Instruction manual

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